Torn between two people?

Has anyone ever been torn between two people?

There is one girl, I dated her in college. Our relationship didn't work out because I was afraid of getting in deep in a relationship with her because she was a junior and I was a freshman, so I ended it. I kept in touch with her and a few years ago we started hanging out again. I thought she liked me but every time we got sort of close, she would pull away. So I dated other people, and met this other girl and began dating her. The girl from college still contacted me from time to time, and we went out once while I was dating my girlfriend. It seemed like she was interested and I have to admit, so was I. I told her we should hang out more often, and she contacted me a few weeks later to have dinner again. She pulled away again, and I gave up. I decided to commit to a relationship with my girlfriend, but I still think about this other girl sometimes even though I am so frustrated that she wasn't ready when I was ready and when she was ready I was already dating someone else. I'm so confused. Any advice?


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  • Listen to your heart. That's all there's to it.


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