Guys if a girl told you that she's never had a boyfriend before,

and that she's still a virgin and isn't ready just yet...would that intimidate you a little bit to ask her out or be extremely cautious about not rushing her? (add in the fact that she makes you nervous and you are a little bit of the shy type) also the waiting for sex doesn't bother you as well...would you be hesitant to ask her out?


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  • She's saying all this before I supposedly ask her out? That's a little odd...

    Anyways, it wouldn't bother me, I would just go out and do fun stuff. If it was a little while longer I would every now and then make a sexual advance (we're together now right?). Test the waters kinda stuff.

    Sex itself bores me though. Girls gotta be interesting. So if I get to the point of desiring to sleeping with you, you're interesting enough to me.


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