Dating for two it too soon to know?

I've been dating a guy for two weeks. We've been hanging out, gone on dates, been talking every day, ALL day. We've discussed the fact that we are exclusive and want to be in a relationship soon.

I mentioned to a friend and she seems to think I'm going overboard in thinking that I actually want to be with him. She keeps telling me I'm crazy and can't know this soon that I want to be with the guy.

Is this totally insane of me?


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  • Well, two weeks is a bit soon for you to think of getting married for example but getting exclusive and to date? Psshh, ofcourse not! Why lose the guy when you truly like him? Ofcourse you should take things slow, be cautious and all that but don't hold yourself back from enjoying yourself and being with him. Don't worry, it's all good. :)

    • Ohhhhh god no I'd never think of anything so ridiculous as MARRIAGE at this point lol. It she's making it seem like its nuts for me to know I want to date him.

    • Ofcourse not. It's not crazy at all. ;)

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