How do I get a boyfriend?

Well I'm your typical 17 year old girl who has never had a boyfriend. I have talked to one guy for three years and now that I have matured I realize that was just a joke for him because he never wanted to take me out on dates nor wanted to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Since then I feel the need to find somebody else who will take me out on dates and share their life with me. The only problem is, there aren't any guys who are interested in me. I am not shy. I don't think that I am ugly. (people never say that I am nor do they say I'm pretty) And another thing is that I am black and apparently nerdy because I am in ap classes. I feel as if most black guys won't date me because I am nerdy. However that's no the case. I am pretty laid back and I enjoy going out and hanging out with friends. I don't know if its me or there just aren't any guys that suit me well. Do you think dating will get easier for me in college? I am really getting tired of being single. I'm ready to go on dates and show my boyfriend my hobbies and interest and vice versa.


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  • When high school ends it gets much easier to date. College is easier to date because people are more mature and can handle themselves.

    • Yea I hope that's the case. It would be nice for one for a guy to have the same feelings as I do. =/

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