Was this 'date' doomed from the start? Or did I just screw it up on my own?

So here's the deal. I had liked this girl, Rachel gotten along with her well and was attracted to her. About a year we drunkenly made out, dated for a bit, but she was leaving overseas and didn't want to start anything then.

A year later now Rachel's back in town. We'd kept in contact, she really wanted to see me, so much so that she was inviting me out skating, invited me to come drinking at a party at her friend's place, and yesterday said I should come pregame the game today with her. I couldn't make any of it unfortunately, and finally just asked if she wanted to grab dinner (my treat) tonight. Last night though I was out with some friends (including one of her closest friends, Sarah, who is also a good friend of mine).

Sarah saw I was getting a lot of texts from Rachel, and knowing that we'd made out among other things a year ago asked if I was still interested. When I didn't answer right away she started cackling saying she knew it, she fully supported me and Rachel dating, but that I should probably know that she had a crush on a football player.

Regardless when I invited Rachel out she told me sure. And then right when we started walking together she told me Sarah told her she was 'leading me on', to which I was obviously just blindsided. I explained I liked her, was interested in her, but it wasn't some ridiculous crush or something, and Rachel just nodded and said she liked spending time with me too and wanted to just 'hang out and see how things go'.

So tonight we got dinner together, that went pretty well. An hour and a half later we walked back to her place arm in arm, also things going well. And then instead of leading her home we agreed to watch a movie at my place, and she obviously got bored of the movie and tired. My roommates wouldn't leave us alone, she wasn't comfortable being held with them all around, and an hour later with her rubbing at her eyes I made the mistake of asking if she wanted to go to bed, she was welcome to crash here (which I felt might have been easily misinterpreted)...

Urgh. Just so many things went wrong, and I'm still mad that Sarah told her I had a 'massive crush' on her. Was I doomed from the start?


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  • i think the crush on the footballplayer means it was doomed from the start, don't feel bad. You didn't blow it...

    • oddly enough I'm not entirely sure if said crush even exists. Rachel never admitted to it, this is just stuff I heard from Sarah. Rachel did start leaning into me while we were walking until I put my arm around her, but things just felt weird later that night, during the football game she was texting people at that point before leaving around midnight

    • Football groupies, one of the worst types of girls..

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