Movie at his place on a second date too soon?

We'd been talking for about 3 weeks through a dating site and text, really got along and started liking each other that way ... then we met last week for our first date at the zoo.

we've talked about doing a movie/wine night one day. I just don't know if I want that to be our second date. As silly as it is, I've looked up 2nd date ideas online haha, and some say that a movie at home plus snacks and cuddling up with a blanket are totally fine, and others say that you should save that for later dates.

I wasn't born yesterday, I know sometimes guys just want to makeout when they invite you over for a "movie". But I'd like to think that if we're serious adults looking for a rel relationship we can manage to actually watch the movie and keep the kissing minimal. It really does sound like it'd be a good time just staying in since it's cold winter right now.

But what do you guys and girls think?

am I being silly in thinking that a movie in at his apartment is too much for a 2nd date or am I right to want to try to find something else to do for our 2nd date?

Thanks ^_^

p.s. if it makes any difference ... at the zoo on our first date, he was very respectful. When we were hanging over the fence looking at the animals (lol) he would stand close to me so that our arms touched sometimes, but that was the maximum physical contact we had. He wasn't pushy. He drove across the parking lot back to my car, and we didn't even hug when I got out of the car, let alone kiss. We only hugged when we first met. So I haven't given him the wrong idea ...
plus he opened doors! Which is very important to me. Haha


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  • i think its perfectly fine :)

    if you have a connection then go for it!

  • it is okay as long as you trust him, but if your instincts are telling you not to do it or that he has something up his sleeve I would listen to that