Is it neccesary to have a time period before you meet another person after a relationship?

This question Is somewhat related to my previous question.

I met this guy at a party and I went home with him.we fooled around a bit but didn't have sex cos I don't think its that appropriate . I found him kinda attractive and want to see him again and he asked me to catch up over lunch.I just ended a relationship of 1.5yr in November.he also ended his in Nov.his last relationship was 3 years but it was on and off according to him and other people I know. It's only been like 2 months from our last.

Should I wait until later? I don't know if I am rushing things but I m pretty over my ex.

I read articles and stuff said it should be at least six months from the last relationship..what do you think?should I take things really slow now?I mean really slow.


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  • Here is how I think of it. :)

    There is no spefic timeline you should consider. Don't believe any rules because seriously the dating scene is all stochastic. I believe you should follow your gut and consider the following:

    1- Do you think this new guy is a rebound or you truly like him? Ask yourself this question. In many cases, you just jump on to another guy soon as you breakup because you miss the feelings of being in love regardless of whether you like the new guy or not. This is not only unfair to this guy but also to you. So, do you really like him? What do you like in him? Write down a list of things you like about him and see if it makes any sense.

    2- Do you really want to get into a serious relaionship now? This is about YOU. A lot of people do this mistake of following others' footsteps. "If people are getting into a relationship, so should I" kinda mindset. You should lead, not follow, at least lead your own life. :) So, ask yourself this question. You need to know that so you either choose to date casually or to get serious with someone. And he should know that too. Many girls look for a casual date after a breakup but the new guy is looking for a serious relationship. The guy will hurt alot.

    So yeah, hope this helps. :)

    • I guess I may just spend a little bit of time getting to know the person.I don't think I am ready for a serious one now but I keep seeing him I may fall.. I m just kinda worry I will be the rebound girl...that why I don't know if I show go with the flow or take it very slowly ..

    • Take things slowly and see how it goes. :)

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  • I generally think it is necessary to give it some time. But don't let articles give you a fixed amount. Take it slow. Till you are ready. But since most people don't wait more than a week or two you seem like you did anyway.

  • 6 months ? Why 6 months ? I mean, if you had problems to get over your ex (or he had to get over his), time can be needed. But it seems you both were showing interest for each other, so go for it and see how it goes.

    The major clue is : does he talk about his ex to you? If not, he's ready.

    • I guess not really six month but maybe a while? You mean he may not be ready if he still talks about the ex? We only talked about our ex once..that's when he ask how many boyfriend I had then I asked him..he showed me a pic of his room and told me how empty the room was after the ex moved her stuff out..

    • If someone talks about their ex often, that means they're not over them.

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  • if you feel comfortable and he feels comfortable then time shouldn't matter. I waited a week after my relationship of a year and a half to start getting back into dating and I was fine. but you have to Define the Relationship...what are you looking for fun and a good-time or another serious relationship? that might be too quick, and you might get hurt if its the latter. and if your just looking for fun then go ahead girl have your fun!

  • The way I see it is, if you are completely over your ex boyfriend/girlfriend then go for it. There is no set time for getting over someone. It's how you manage yourself. Perhaps, you can ask him what his thoughts are on that and hopefully you can make your decision on that.

    • I concern about whether he is over the ex or not..since I m pretty sure I m over my ex..

    • Well, you can ask him and also make sure he doesn't use you as a tool to get over his ex. Not saying that he is. Proceed with caution.

    • Some guys lie :( I don't even know how to find out whether he's over it or not..

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