Is it wrong to tell a guy I like him over text?

Is it wrong to tell the guy I like over a text? Like if am texting him and I say I have an confession.. and then tell him that I like him?

I am very shy and he confusing me I don't know if he likes me or not. sometimes it seems like he likes me then other times it seem like he doesn't...


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  • you can do that , but thing is , if he doesn't really know you yet , he doesn't know if he likes you either so it's really hard to respond if that's the case .

    If you talked before , went out with him before , etc then it's better.

    maybe text that he's a great guy , intersting guy etc and that you really like that .


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  • dont just tell him straight up like that...try playing it off like this "ay there is this guy I like but I don't know if he likes me, he goes to our school and (describe him here) and we do a decent amount of texting but still not sure, so I was wondering if you might have some ideas" lol try that and see what he say

  • NEVER EVER do this over text, Facebook, or chat

    This is a convo that should always take place face to face. (or at least over the phone)

    You need to see and feel the reaction of the other person and you will want to hear and discuss immediately after.

    Technology or type is NO place for emotion or feeling or love interest...

    It just leads to more questions and uncertainty.

    Trust Me


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