Who should send the first text (interested in a younger guy)...

Haha aah this is a bit crazy but I met this guy on holiday at a place we go every year but this year something just clicked between us and we had a really good time together. But there are just a few problems... Firstly he is a year younger than me so would that be weird? Also he smokes weed and I don't really know how to feel about that because I don't smoke it but I guess it's his choice. And we had a text conversation going ever since we left the holiday that lasted around 5 days and he would always be the one who asked me how my day was and what I was up to and then he just randomly stopped replying so should I just send him a text or am I just be annoying and he doesn't really like me maybe he was just being friendly and wanted to chat with someone?


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  • Here how it goes. :) Ask yourself the following questions and you will get an answer to your question.

    1) Do you really like him or you just like his company? Do you want him as a boyfriend or as a very good and close friend?

    2) Are you OK with the fact that he is smoking weed? (It's OK to say it's his choice but do you accept and can cope with this choice?)

    3) Do you feel that he really likes you or are you just someone he likes to hang out with? (you can certainly feel it)

    4) Does he make you feel genuinely happy?

    5) Does he make you feel safe and have peace in mind?

    6) Do you imagine yourself getting into a serious relationship with him?

    7) Do you feel like he is serious about you?

    You will know the answer. :)

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