Does anyone think this is weird?

My boyfriend and I dated for a year and 5 months and we were in love. I would tell him I loved him and he would tell me the same. Things eventually got bad and broke up. It was a really bad break up and we were broken up for like 3 months. Over them 3 months we both changed a lot and were different people. About 2 months ago we decided to date again and things have been really good. They're working out for the better this time.

The only thing I'm wondering, does it seem weird that we don't love each other anymore? While we spent time apart, things were really bad between us and I fell out of love and I'm guessing that he did also.

its not like there isn't any feelings of love at all there. I'm falling for him, but the thing afraid to because I don't want to get hurt like before but I think I'm going to risk it. and he told me that he is afraid to fall for me


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  • never give up on love, if you don't feel it soon, its probably not meant to be because you should be feeling it if you are with a person you like. If not, you are wasting your time and his in a loveless relationship.


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  • Maybe just because you're not IN LOVE you'll always HAVE love for eachother.

    Sometimes relationships just work better that way.

    No, its not weird.

    Be happy knowing that you're blessed to be able to keep him as a friend still, most relationships end everything or just keep the other person around for rebound..