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Great guy, but in another state...do I go for it? (also what to do with my FWB)

Warning: very cliche story. I just met this guy on a cruise, and of course we were up for having a cute cruise romance, but it turned out that we really hit it off, much more than either of us expected. I honestly was surprised that such a such a great guy like him was out there, and he's very selective in girls, but really fell for me.

The thing is, we live and go to school in different states. His home is 8 hours away from me, though his school is only 5, so it's not like it's way across the country, could be worse.

I just don't know what to do now. Do I go for it, and have "the talk" about a relationship? Or do I just let it go because it'll never work? Of course now that I'm home I'm having doubts about it all. I've never thought that long-distance relationships worked, anyway, but I suppose I could be wrong on that. I'd be willing to try, I think.

You might say, wait and see what he says. And I plan on that, but also I know he wasn't very confident that I was into him as much as he was into me, so I feel like I'd have to make the first move here. But what should it be? I also don't want to seem clingy or move too, and I'm not used to judging that haha.

Finally, there's also this guy I was hooking up with before I met cruise guy. We didn't want a relationship with each other, and we're friends. Of course I would stop that if I was dating someone else, but if nothing's going to happen with cruise guy, I don't really want to burn that bridge with my friend. But I guess that part is the least of my worries at this point, it's just another little complication.

What would you do? Cruise guy honestly seems almost perfect for me, and I almost never have real genuine feelings for guys like that. But I'm way too busy to bust a gut over this, so if it's a bad idea, I'd rather forget about him right now rather than drag it out.

Thanks for your help, people!
Go for it! Tell him how you feel and ask if he wants to try a relationship!
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Forget about it--it's just a cruise fling, and it'll never be anything more.
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Wait and see what he does...if he does anything.
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Just be friends. (Sort of like forget about it.)
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**meant "move too fast" up there, whoops.
Great guy, but in another state...do I go for it? (also what to do with my FWB)
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