It's good that he remembered me right? Now how long should I wait?

This guy started hitting on me back in like July or August. But I never hooked up with me, which I know he was interested in doing. He continued to talk to me up until halfway through September. He got a girlfriend, and only continued to talk to me god about a week after that. He was really apologetic , I'm not sure why. Anyways, they broke up two weeks ago, and a week ago he texted me. Just regular conversation and so far he's been texting me every two-three days, no sexual stuff or asking to hangout. If he just wants to bang, why's he bother messaging me for regular conversation? :/ I would like to date this guy, so how long should I wait to do anything? How can I make it clear that I don't wanna just hook up? He's a bit of a ladies man ahaha. he's good looking and pretty popular.


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  • jiust wait


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