What should I do in response to a strange note?

Today I came to my favorite coffee shop in the downtown and sat in my favorite table-which is almost always occupied by myself (since I use to do my work in the coffee shop). I saw a note sticking to the table: "I would love to sit with you on this table...", girls and guys, what should be my move? What should I do?


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  • Aw. Its probably someone who works there. Or Goes there really often, so you've probably seen them before. Careful, she may not be your type. It also could be a guy.

    Write something back, but make it casual just in case

  • Put a sticky note of your own on the table one day when you go to leave asking who the person is

  • do you want to meet this person?

    • I don't know who the writer is, there are few regulars and girls working there who I have crush on them, if the writer is any of them, of coursee.

    • I think you should make the jump and do what littlenurse said.

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  • bring a friend with you to the shop and have him/her sit somewhere else and pretend you don't know each other

    you're friend can watch who's watching you and figure out who might have written the note, or you can leave a note back and leave but have your friend stay there to see who reads the note

    obviously the person knew what time you were going to come in, so you can send your friend there early and have them see who is leaving the note at the table

    • how would that work? if there's bells on the door or something most likely everyone loos up to see who comes in, and sometimes more than one person keeps staring.

    • great idea!