How do I downplay this situation?

So one of my friends tried to set me up with this guy and it really REALLY fell apart, he has emotional baggage and I also have been hurt in the past but I'm stronger now.

k so I have no idea what was discussed but the guy I like started looking at me and acting odd. I want to talk to him to see what my friend said.

but I just got so pissed that people were getting involved in my personal issues I sort of told my 'guy friend' to f off. because the guy friend had previously asked me out 4 or 5 times. obviously, I didn't go out with him since I refer to him as a 'friend'

so help me out here.


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  • The classic thing would be to ask another friend to approach the guy and ask him what he thinks of you.

    Another thing would be to invite the guy on a date, as if nothing had happened. He will accept and forgive and forget. He'll tell you later what happened with your friends.


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