Help with a relationship so far!

well, so I fell in love with a girl who I met over internet, we have been talking around 7 months and we are so in love with each other, we trust and respect... I'm so happy loving her, she is amazing!

the point is that is really hard we can have a hug, a kiss or something!, second thing is that someday I could meet another girl from here where I live and maybe I could fall in love with her (something that could be more real) but I don't want to hurt this girl in internet!, what can I do to don't feel bad? to don't make her feel bad?... I just don't want anybody get hurt


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  • I have the same issue and all I can say is just to let it play out. Whatever is going to happen will happen, don't stress over it too much because you will become paranoid about the situation. I really love this guy, but we both agreed to be honest with each other if we hooked up with other people until we meet. Just be completely honest about how you feel and what your thoughts are and things will go a lot smoother. You should skype with her every once in a while if you can.

    • we have talked many times about things like that, the conclusion is always that we should things let it be and then we will handle all our troubles together. of course we are honest with that too, the fact is that I will feel bad and I don't want her to feel bad. thanks for answer! :)

    • Hate to sound all philisophical or whatever, but there is always going to be heart break where there is love; there is always a little of that to be expected, and your welcome :)

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  • you haven't even met her and you are so young, internet relationships are not real until the people meet and it materializes into something real, you can think there is such a connection online but there can't be.

  • I am in the same situation. If I were you, I would try to distance yourself from her as soon as you can, because the easier you let her down, it won't hurt as much. a break up is inevitable. hate to break it to you.


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  • Do I conclude you never actually met with the e-girl ? If so, it's not love, it's just pretending.

    That will do the "breaking-up" thing easier though, if you find someone local.

    I guess nowadays, with the internet these things have to happen once. But it's better if you don't try to pursue people you'll never meet. It's not really honest, in the end.

    • I never met her in person, I've seen her many times... I'm really in love with her and as I said we really trust each other... and I think is a love more honest , just saying. thanks for answer