What is the etiquette with skyping your partner? Anyone done it?

me and my boyfriend live on opposite sides of the world so we skype a lot at night and in the morning.

One night I came home a bit tipsy from having some drinks after work with some work mates (I'm a bit of a lightweight). While skyping with my boyfriend that night he made plans with me to skype the next morning at 10 so I set my alarm.

The only problem was that the drunk me set my alarm for 10pm accidentally rather than am. I slept until the afternoon the next day.

My boyfriend got really annoyed and surly with me about it. He said he waited two hours.

Personally, apart from the fact that it was in no way intentional that I didn't show up on skype, I don't really see missing a Skype date as that big of a deal because the other person is waiting in their home and can easily go and do something else. I don't even understand why he waited two hours.

Any thoughts on this? What is the etiquette with skype?


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  • He waited because he expected you to show up any minute. And you can't just go do something else when you have plans. I think you should apologize. It's no different than not showing up for any other kind of date. Not a huge deal. But certainly not OK either.

    • thanks for your honesty. I did apologize, several times before he even said anything but he just kept bringing it up as though I had done it one purpose... I guess I just need to learn how to react to people getting angry with me but its one thing I find so hard to deal with because I have pretty low self estime and spend most of my time trying to make people like me. So when someone gets angry at me for something I did by accident all that stress from trying to be perfect sends me crazy...

    • These things are a lot harder over distance. But also let him know he can't be mad forever. Or ask him what he needs to get over it.

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  • There is no etiquette here, it was a simple mistake. There will be other opportunities to Skype with him. He really needs to quit being a drama queen and shrug things off.


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  • Well missing a Skype date is not that big of deal in my opinion as long as there is a valid reason. A lot of the time something comes up and either me or my boyfriend has to miss it. It kind of sucks that you couldn't let him know that you were going to miss it, but you couldn't really do anything about that. He probably should have called you to wake you up or something, rather than waiting 2 hours.

    • He couldn't really have called me, it's too expensive and since we have always used skype we don't have international phone cards or anything. Also my home phone is a bit dodgy to say the least... Sometimes I miss it because I get invited somewhere with friends in which case I email him and he doesn't seem to care about that one bit... which is why I was so surprised when he was annoyed at me when he knew I was sleep deprived and a bit drunk... anyways, thanks for your answer.