3 "dates" and no kiss...Is he interested or not??

So, I met this guy and he asked me out... We've been on 3 dates so far and he calls me or texts me all the time just to ask how my day is going and stuff.

He always gives me compliments on how smart I am and how he finds very interesting when I talk about my culture and stuff (Im from Europe and he is from the USA)... he just seems really interested on hearing what I have to say and looks like he is trying to get to know me... but I am confused... I don't know if he is just interested on being friends or what since he hasn't try anything! not even a kiss...

I really like him, of course... but I don't really know what's going on lol..

we are around 27 yo...



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  • I agree with Mr_is_fine. Guys like to make the first move, BUT want to get a vibe that the girl wants them to make a move. You can give off this vibe by touching him more or getting in his personal space more. Also I am unaware what the activity for your first three dates was, but you could also suggest a more intimate 4th date, such as watching a movie at one of your places.

    • Thanks!

      We went to dinner on 1st, drinks and movies on 2nd, dinner and a walk by the beach on 3rd... lol... I would think that the "beach walk" at night was intimate enough lol... but I'll try the movie at my/his place one ;) thnaks!

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  • Well to me it sounds like you're both have a good thing going here, but if he hasn't made a move by now, then perhaps he's just shy, or he's trying to take things slow. Which in itself isn't a bad thing, but I know how frustrating that could be.

    If this really bothers you so much, how about you make some kind of move on your own? I mean I know, I know, "that's not how things are traditionally done" but I think that this will speed things along a little bit, and at least by then you'll know for sure if he's interested. I say at some point you soon, you should just give him a kiss. It doesn't have to be anything big, just a peck on the lips and see what happens.

    So yeah, go for it. Be honest with me here, what's the worst that could happen?

    • hey thanks! I don't know if it is frustrading and it doesn't really "bothers" me I just want to know if he is interested or just being friendly lol...

      I'll give it a try to what you just said ... cus yeah... nothing bad can happen! lol

      Thanks again!

  • you are probably giving off a vibe that your not interested in getting physical with him. So he's afraid you won't like it if he tries to kiss you. My advice is for you to get more touchy with him so he feels comfortable getting physical with you and he will end up kissing you.

    • yeah... I guess it could be it since I've been trying to give a "good impression" and behave as a "lady" hahaha

      ok... I'll try your advice... Thanks!

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