GUYS: what would you think if a girl wrote this to you?

It's been a little while since we last talked, but you have been really honest with me with the things you have said before, and I want to be honest with you too. I don't lie about how I feel about someone..I was honest with what I said at the beginning of our last skype, but I would like to add to that that I too like everything about you just like how you said you like everything about me. You're a really respectful, sincere, honest, sweet, caring, loyal and really funny guy...there aren't that many guys like you out there. Our conversations are so entertaining, I laugh and smile constantly pretty much lol and I have never met a person who I was able to have 3+ hour long conversations with every time I talked with them, it's really nice to find someone I can do that with.

I just wanted to let you know, and please don't forget about me! lol

would you think she was weird at all? would you like it? what would you think? would you write her back?


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  • It would entirely depend on how I felt about this girl, if I only kinda like her, I'd be thinking, "Run far, run fast."

    But, if I did like her, and this message seems to suggest that the guy does, I'd probably be OK with it and maybe even like it. Maybe tone it down a little, it seems kinda ott.


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