I like my best friend, problem is: I have a boyfriend! What should I do?

Well, I'll try to make this as short as possible. Boyfriend and I broke up, I was already good friends with this guy we became even closer, flirted, I start having feelings for him & thenI got back with my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend and I hate having these feelings now that he's been trying so hard to make this work. My friend just told me he still likes this girl and that he's liked her for years. I hate to admit it, but it kinda hurt me because he knew how I felt about him flirting with me while I was single (yes, I know, I helped it) & made me jealous in a way. I told him we should spend some time apart. I wanna make this work with my boyfriend, but I'm already missing my friend. I don't know what to do now. If I should keep my distance or find another way to fix it.



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  • Seems that you need to make up your mind, can't have both.


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