What is the right choice for me?

Ok so I am a virgin. And I am quite possibly in love with my best friend. I can talk about anything with him. He knows me like no other. He knows all my quirks and insecurities. Every little bit. He was born two days after me. We have known each other all our lives. I have this tendency to really like someone but when he starts reciprocating I pack up and leave. I am afraid that if I tell him how I feel he will feel the same way. Then I will get scared and run. I don't want to ruin our friendship. What should I do? Also he is way more expirienced than I am in that area( that I can't metion because I am not XPER 3 yet) and that intimidates me. Should I just move on?


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  • A younger boy ehh? Robbin the cradle ;) I would probably move on if you think you are going to ruin your friendship by opening up to him. But recognize that if he is truly your best friend and if you really can talking about anything with him this conversation doesn't have to change anything if you both don't want it to. Relationships are more complex I think when you are young and making tons of mistakes. They don't get any less complex as you get older, you just learn how to navigate them with less turbulence. This is possibly a good opportunity to take another attempt at a relationship, and try to figure out why you are always the one bailing when things get serious.


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  • Go for it!

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