Is there a certain time period where you know you'll be out of the rebound zone?

As in after someone breaks up, is there a certain length of time when you'll know when it's safe to date them without just being a rebound?


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  • I know plenty of people who married someone straight out of relationship.

    yes, people sometimes go on a tear of shallow sex out of a relationship. Yes people can knee jerk and just pick someone who has the qualities their ex didn't. But you know, most relationships aren't going anywhere, I'm not sure 'rebound' relationships have worst stats then any other ones.

  • LOL..surety you crave? (Sauron promises none) nvm...I don't know about them..I usually just take a break until I feel I am ready to test the waters again...I think the main worry will be if should they decide they are not over their old squeeze...(:


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