Why doesn't she reply?

So I met this really cute girl an she gave me her # we texted instantly for like a day and a half then I took like 40 min to text her back because I was skating after that she will always take long to reply too now the 3rd day she doesn't reply anymore but the day before we will always flirt and send hearts to each other is she not interested in me anymore or is something else happening?


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  • One of the most important rules when texting a girl is; do NOT take 40 minutes to reply. We take everything to heart.

    Fast replies make us feel like you care/want/like us a lot, while slow replies do the exact opposite.

    I think she's just giving you a taste of your "own" medicine. You made her wait. Now she makes you wait. The reason for this measure, is probably because she does not want to come off too vulnerable and clingy when she might be thinking that you're not that into her.


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  • Maybe she just thought you were ignoring her and thinks you like a little space. Girls are very indecisive when it comes to texting and all that jizz. But if she is still flirting with you then you really don't have that much to worry about. Maybe she just enjoys talking to you face to face rather than talking or texting through a phone. Honestly I hate texting and talking on the phone, but when me and my boyfriend are together we have tons of stuff to say and laugh about. Although if it is that she has stopped calling, texting, flirting, or talking to you all together you should confront her face to face and ask her what is up.

  • She probably expected you to give her that special treatment by replying her instantly, and when you did not she wanted you to feel the same.. that's her Ego, and yes some girls are like that :)


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