Clingy dude, what do I do?

okay, so this guy keeps texting me and I don't really like him or wanna be frineds with him cos a, he's got a girlfriend and he isn't really my type. So what can I say/txt him to tell him to back off without being completely forward like 'i don't mean to be rude or anything but...f*** off and delete my number man! Friggin stalker!'

Oh, forgot to mention that:

A. he's my best friends cousin and they are TIGHT!

2. My friend gave him my number, so I had no say in anything. Dude, I haven't even met the guy!

D. I've been ignoring his texts but he keeps texting me asking why I'm ignoring him.

Sooo tempted to tell him just why I'm ignoring him and what wuld happen to a certain set of family jewles if he doesn't stop texting me...


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  • "he really isn't my type"

    *licks the sugar off of the above statement*

    You MEAN that he's ugly, right?

    • No, I don't MEAN that he's ugly. did you see that word anywhere? No. All I mean is that he has a sh*tty personality...kind of like you :)

      And maybe yes, he isn't very good looking, but just cos he isn't hot to me doesn't mean that he might not be another girls dream guy.

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    • What can I say...

      ...i'm attracted to abrasive women. They need me to spank them.. ;-)

    • that is deeply disturbing. F***ing disgusting.

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  • Girls have a bad habbit of throwing bad hints. Maybe because you like the feeling of people chasing you, maybe it's by accident, maybe you're having mixed feelings. In any case. Be straight with him. Walk up to him, tell him that you don't like him and that you're getting uncomfortable talking to him. And don't laugh or giggle or any of that sh*t, because it will misslead him

    • Girls have a bad habit of throwing bad hints my ass! I didn't drop any to begin with, so its hardly my fault. And who the hell do you think you are trying to tell me not to giggle? What cos I'm a girl I'm gonna giggle? Just yesterday I saw the muscliest dude sitting with his friends and break out into a fit of giggles at an unfunny joke. So suck, swallow and choke on that bitch!

      ...So you wanna go out sometime?

    • I see what you mean by droping hints...

  • Sometimes, being forward and rude is the only way to get someone to leave you alone.

    Do what you gotta do.

  • Unfortunately some guys do not pick up on suttle hints. You might very well have to resort to the straightforward approach of "f***-off"

    • i might just do that :p

    • By the sound of your update, I think this is going to be the way to go. He sounds very thick skinned

  • Tell him you aren't interested in him in terms of a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, but just friendship. If that >.>

  • Tell him you're pregnant


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  • 1. ignore his texts and never respond. he'll feel stupid and stop texting

    2. tell him your not interested in talking to him anymore. who really cares about being "mean" the guy has a girlfriend anyway, you really think he has noble intentions behind constantly texting u? he's a jerk too so he can handle bluntness I promise. he won't die because you told him what's up

    • Took the words right outta my head! And normally I don't care about being mean, cos naturally I'm a bit of a sarcastic bitch, and normally I wouldn't hesitate to tell him to f*** himself sideways, but he's my best friends cousin, and theyre real close, and they talk about EVERYTHING! So I'm like, ignoring his texts, but he keeps on being like, and I qoute "Why aren't you texting bak? am I like invisible or something?" And man my fingers twitch to give him a nice, big, chunky piece of my mind...

    • QA...follow #2 on Ms. Brown's answer. #1 imo is VERY unlikely to work with a dude this persistent.

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