Guys, when you're bored do you text a lot of girls?

Do you text a lot of girls? There's this guy and I can't figure out if he's interested in me or if he's just texting me because he's bored. We have over 1000 messages sent to each other and he's always the one initiating. He also asks to hang out with me and such, but I'm not sure if I'm just another girl who's there to talk to him.

The thing is, we haven't met in person. I've just seen him around at school. And we've only known each other for around 3 weeks.


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  • He finds you attractive, don't know what he is up to, he might be trying to play you, or want a relationship..

    • Okay thanks. Do you know a good way to tell if he's a player?

    • I'm not a player myself, though I know a player who watched me, and then mimic everything I did until he got what he wanted..

      Probably best to search "player" and find out what other people say

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  • Its funny I'm in the same situation got this girl that I haven't really spent much time with and she text me everyday throughout the day so I'm trying to figure out the same thing those she text me because she's interested or because she's bored or wanting to be text friends IDK? I personally wouldn't text a friend on a daily basis even if I was bored! Would you?

    • In general, I don't text only my close girl friends when I'm bored. Usually not guys, except for one really good friend. The thing is, this guy and I haven't even met in person yet (although he's been wanting to) I'm guessing he has some interest?

    • hes definetely interested by him wanting to meet he's trying to take it to the next stage, why don't you give him that!

  • You probably don't have any friends in common so he would be relunctant to go talk to you. On the other hand this almost certainly means that he likes you. It does not mean that he wants a relationship with you but the possibility is certainly there.

    On the other hand, I text a lot of girls when I am bored.

  • It's the next best thing to being there ...

    best to keep him as a penpal ... to kill your own boredom

    • I don't want him to just talk to me because he's bored.

    • You'll find out soon enough what his motives are - it takes time to be sure. Too soon to cut him off, even though the odds are "he's bored". Besides, even bored people can have an interesting side to others that seek this out.

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  • he could be bored or he likes you