We have been flirting for a while...

me and this boy from school have been flirting for a while and on Sunday I added him on live profile! then on Monday in school he was like was that you that added me on that live profile thing and I was like yes :P then he was like its boring and I told him it was because he had no one to talk to and that I would text him that evening! but I didn't because I was playing hard to get :P then today in school we messed for a while and I asked him about this girl he was meant to like and he said nothing was going on and I was like being really flirty and biting my lip and all because I'm trying to seduce him! but then he said you didn't text me last night and I said oh yeh I forgot :L so then I said I might text ya later and he said he wouldn't reply! so I was so excited that he mentioned it because I thought it was a sure sign he liked me ? but then I text him saying hey loser :) at about 7:30 then it says it was delievered but not read :L so I don't know is he playing hard to get ? or does he not like me ? :')


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  • Never rely on internet, live, Facebook or text for real answers..


    Young Lady

    If you are going to PLAY GAMES

    then you can not expect to know the final score when you already have one in mind.

    take off the jersey and be real

    • its just flirting ? final score ? what do I have in mind ? everyone plays hard to get sometimes :P

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    • me get a life?

      keep trying to "seduce" that guy by biting your lip

      should work out splendidly

      and your saying it is your first time but also saying you know what your doing but it has never worked before...


      good luck

    • when did I say I know what I'm doing ? :L

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  • He's obviously being playful but if you phone says 'not read' then the text might not have got through. He can't really fake that.

    He's into you.

    • ok thank you :) yeh maybe he didn't see it :P

      i so hope he is because I think about him ALL THE TIME :L

  • He likes you, and I'd say he's playing hard to get :)


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