Why would he not reply?

So this guy I haven't talked to in a few months texted me out of the blue yesterday. We had a nice little convo and we ended up on the topic of hanging out. I asked when he was gonna be in my area and he said hopefully sometime soon then quickly switched it to when I was gonna be there. I said that I may be where he is in the next few months but I wouldn't have my own car to get out there and that the trip isn't set in stone right now...

After that text he didn't reply and I'm rather confused as he was the one initiating the conversation and he seemed enthusiastic about it. Just wondering why he would not reply while the conversation was still going strong?


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  • A possible turn off with your transportation issue, you are not accessible, he's on to the next

    • Definitely thought of that, but he knows that it's difficult for me to see him since I'm in British Columbia and he's in California so if that was a turn off why would he have texted me in the first place... Whatever, I'm just overthinking this :P