I don't get what I am missing with dating and girls in general?

The type of person I am when I get comfortable with you, I will tend to be more goofy and funny. A lot of my classmates have told me I am funny and outgoing, even though when it comes to approaching or even trying to ask a girl out I can't do it. This is due to being at a loss for words or not knowing to catch a girls attention and make the interaction memorable. Even the same classmates that say I am outgoing and funny when it comes down to it a majority of the time when I hang around them trying to talk to them they won't really know that I am there unless I am acting goofy or just saying something completely absurd. There will be times when we will talk, but other then that they will just be in their own little groups. Even then I will try to just hop in and just try and join the conversation, but it is like I don't know what they are talking about or they just don't acknowledge me. It is like what am I missing that will make girls acknowledge me and take me seriously and say hey he is possible boyfriend material.

Another thing in one of the classes that I am taking this semester, there are two girls that I have gone out with. Neither one of them worked out, from what my other friends tell me I am too much of a "nice" guy, due to me taking them out and paying for the girl. They are telling me that it should be half and half, but I am just used to doing that and the one time the girl paid for herself (because her and her friend came along so I just let her pay for herself) the girl hasn't spoken to me since. Back to the other two girls in class.

I don't know what I did that made them just stop talking to me or even say hey lets go out. It is like the only time they do decide to talk to me is to say hey or ask for something. So I don't even bother talk to them. When I decide to keep to myself and not joke around one of them would ask me hey what happened your not talking, you feel lonely. Almost like mocking me or something so I just joke it off and whatever and go back to minding my own business. The thing is I would try to approach the other girls, but for some reason I feel that they wouldn't give me the time of day since they don't even pay me any attention now. It just comes down to how to actually be the guy that can just get a girl to notice me. So what am I missing when it comes to dating and how to get a girls attention?


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  • You're too serious and too nice. Read "No More Mr Guy" by Robert Glover. It's seriously good. You can also go to Nomoremrniceguy.com and read other people's experiences on the forum.

    You should take a beginning improv class. It'll really help you think on your feet.

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