What if the guy or girl you like doesn't text or call you within the first days?

okay so you two came in contact with each other.. passed each others contact details and then..

he/she calls you.. you talk for awhile and then without a date set between the two of you.. you stop..

a few days later you contact the guy/girl and have a small conversation

however the next day he/she doesn't respond but he/she asked for your contact details first!

how does that make you feel when that happens.. and do you consider texting/calling him/her again that day or wait a few days.. or a day.. week hoping for him/her to contact you?


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  • thats kinda what I'm going through. I will straight up text a dude first. only send one text don't blow it up... if they respond they do if not then move on.

    what I don't understand is why guys will talk to you alllll day one day then ignore you the next then talk to you then ignore you. lol too many games that I ain't got time for.

    • im going to set this as the best answer... you really helped me to get over my shyness and you also helped me not to screw up! thx to you!

    • youre welcome :)

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  • I guess he/she is not that interested.

    OPTIONS you can go:

    1. Make yourself busy or be interesting to another guy/girl. See if he/she reacts.

    2. Move on.


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