Who should I break up with?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and we are very much in love.. But the problem is I am also in love with someone else. Someone who has been with us since the beginning. I am very ashamed of saying who it is [although I must] because I know most people won't understand. I realized a year ago that I am a zoophile. A zoophile is a person who is emotionally, physically, and mentally attracted to animals. We prefer to be called beasties..

Anyhow, I realized this when I began to have strange feelings for the squirrel that lives in the tree located in my backyard. His name is Daniel. He's great. Daniel and I shared a relationship for a few months [behind everyone's back, of course]. We'd do so many romantic things that my boyfriend and I never did [and still don't]. We'd have picnics and share nuts, we'd also climb trees and run from cats, it was amazing. Although, just like all good things, that too came to an end.

After Daniel and I went our separate ways I began to spend more time with mine and my bf's dog. His name is Tobogganer. He is very sensitive and smart. We began to become closer and we eventually had relations. I am now torn between to the two. I have no idea who to pick. PLEASE HELP?

I've come to a decision. I took ixenomorph's advice and reflected on my first love, Daniel. I decided to end my relationship with my man-boyfriend and dog-boyfirend and continue my life with Daniel.

Daniel and I spoke and agreed to give it another try. We reconciled in his tree with frivolous kinky sex.

Thank you all for answering. xx


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  • Best.



    I think you should go for Daniel. HE'S GOT MORE NUTS.

    • Daniel and I are over with. Our time has passed.

    • But the nuts...

    • His nuts were delicious.. BUT I MUST'NT JUST THINK OF HIS NUTS! I am in love with my boyfriend and my lover; I have to choose between the two!

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  • You poor girl. Your heart must truly feel as if it is splitting in two.

  • I have absolutely no idea as to whether or nor you're being serious right now...


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  • LOL! best question I've seen on here yet! you deserve an award...

  • Are humans really that much ugly/unattractive ?

    • Well, to me they aren't 'ugly' they're just there. I mean there are some benefits in regards to human relationships, like thumbs up my bumhole.

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