How would a guy feel if a girl called them after their exams to check up on them?

I call the guy I like after his exams to see how he did (3 times now), is that enough to show that I like him or do you guys see it as friendly?

Clarification: by 3 times I meant after 3 of his exams, each every few days..

and once he didn't answer because he was asleep, then called me back once he woke up..


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  • Don't call someone three times in a short period of time if they don't return at least one of the calls or texts first. It makes it look like you don't have anything else to do in your life. If he's interested, he will call back. There's nothing inherently wrong with calling after a test, as it shows you are interested in his success, but at the same time, you don't want to appear needy. Put the phone down girl.

    • Thanks a lot, but that's not what I meant, hope you check my update :)

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    • You're welcome, hopefully this answer helps you out.

    • exactly what I was trying to say but I jsut kept it short and sweet

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  • Checking on him certainly is a friendly and caring act, one that I'd appreciate and think is very kind of her, but I wouldn't think he'd see that as you liking him based only on that. Also, since you mentioned you've called him 3 times now, sounds like he hasn't responded. I'd wait for him to respond before asking again if this is the case.

  • Sounds like overkill to me. I guess it depends on the actual phone conversations. If all you asked him about were his exams, that's not enough to show him you like him.

    • yes that's all I did, asked him about his exams if they went well, and I noticed him trying to keep the conversation going..

      He even asked me to hang out with him on next Sunday.

  • You called him three times? Are you saying he had three exams in a row or he didn't pick up three times?

  • quit calling him he'll call you when he calls u

    • Thanks a lot, but that's not what I meant, hope you check my update :)

    • let him call you every once in a while you can't be the only one calling him

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