Should I be really mad?

went on two dates with this guy, and I thought they went really good. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy, and we kissed (a lot) too. He talked about us going on a date in the future. But, our last date was exactly two weeks ago. I called him a couple days after because my friend had extra tickets to a football so I invited him to go, he said yes and seemed super excited since they are good tickets. Aside from that, he hasn't called, texted, or invited me out again. I'm starting to get kind of pissed off about it and regret inviting him to the game. What is going on in this situation? Would you be upset too?


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  • He's probably just not that in to you. It may sound harsh, but we men chase after that which really interests us. Short of him having a lot of other responsibilities which have caused him to be distracted, he most likely found someone else or you don't figure high on his to-do list. Either way, don't contact him more than once without him contacting you back. BTW, did he flake out on the game, or did he go?

  • he has another girl - move on, nothing to date there


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