Guys hinting/flirting?

This question is mainly for guys. OK, so what are some things guys do when they are hinting that they like you?


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  • Text you a lot, try and hang out with you a lot, invite you (you as in just yourself, not a bunch of people) to events. Also, if he compliments you, not just "you're cute" but more like, (non excessive) "you're beautiful."

    -Also, lots of eye contact

    -Excessive shy-ness towards you, and not towards other girls (in this case, the guy is trying too hard to not be too obvious to you)

    rockingpianoman covered most of it...

    If you want him to like you, I'll give you the tip of eye contact, when you talk to him, look into his eyes, and show that "hey, I feel comfortable to look into you're eyes and not feel awkward," and it also creates intimacy and respect


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  • hmm

    eye contact

    body contact ! often intentionally , to see how you react and to see if we can 'invade' your personal space)


    listening carefully to what you say

    saying hi

    starting convo on Facebook/texting

    helping you out when you have a problem ( could be school , whatever )

    agreeing with you about stuff you like and dislike ^^

    making little teasing jokes

    buy you somthing like your favorite candy or whatever you said you like

    remembering what you said , and mentioning it in convo


    • when you leave convo to shower , telling her explicit that you are going to shower ha ha :D I actually only do this with girls I like haha

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    • Yeah , but you need to get closer to him that just looking and smiling :D

    • I am already close with him, I go to church with him, have gone on trips with him, go to youth groups same as him etc.

  • I tell the girl I like her.

  • Being italian, hands on your behind was always a staple with me. I was never into subtlety or mind games.

  • You know, the usual mating call is all I need :P


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