She still wants to get together. Need some instruction, here's the story....

So I have been talking to this girl via txt, calling, and Skype for the last 2 weeks. We finally made plans to meet up in Atlanta for the evening on Friday (tomorrow) but she has been sick but is better. She still wants to get together so she invited me to hang out with her at her apartment where we can watch movies, make some food, and be spontaneous. What else id there to do, I need ideas. And also, should I bring anything? What would you do in this situation? All answers welcome!


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  • If it was me. I'd bring movies that she said was her favorite an also snack that she favors also. Nothing says that you are listening to her with you show up with something that she has mentioned as a thing she likes. number one thing bring you A game :) and be yourself! have fun!


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