Guys and girls: is it better to have stuff in common or to be opposites?

After talking with my friends and hearing stuff about it, some people say its better to date people with things in common so you are "compatible", which I guess means they like the same stuff so can enjoying doing things together they both like and enjoy watching and listening to the same thing. But other people have said that they like being with someone completely opposite to them do they can talk for hours over things, so they can see things from a different perspective. So I was just wondering what everybody else preferred when dating someone. Personally, the girl I like right now has a lot in common with me, and I wasn't sure if many other people thought this was also the best way.

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What Girls Said 1

  • I think it is good to have maybe some stuff but not all because it could be sort of boring, rather if you each like some of the same and have other interests as well, maybe you can introduce them to something new and that is usually a fun thing I think.


What Guys Said 1

  • It's more important to have the key things important. That is, things that matter to you be it games, movies, shows, music, kids, job, etc those things important to you, she (or he) better matter to them too. There has to be agreement for REAL relationships. Opposites might attract initially, but opposites always lead to conflict too.