Do woman call? Was real nervousss!

Saw this woman at starbucks and smiled at her she asked hows it going and I'm like good. So went off shopping then came back by smiled as was leaving then stopped my basket a bit past her turned around got her name and where she's from.

She gave me a piece of paper to write my number on I guess her phone was disconnected? Anyways I was nervously trying to write it down my hand was shaking and she said she could write it for me lol.

Do woman actually call? I mean it has to be really rare because it has never happened before.. Suprised I actually did anything I NEVER approach woman in grocery store.

Is there something that will help my nervousness.


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  • I call :) Sometimes. And all you have to do is breathe, there's nothing to be nervous about


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  • If she asked you for it, she will probably call. If it was a situation where you gave her your number and told her to call...or asked for hers and she said she would take yours instead...prob not getting a call.

  • Just try to be confident, sure she wanted to have your number, so she asked you for it so I am thinkin that she will call, though, ya never know...There is always a chance that she loses the piece of paper, that sucks.


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