Should I stay or should I go?

Should I Stay or should I Go 2

I met Bryan in my automotive class in the spring of 2011. We got each other’s phone numbers and started talking on the phone. I found out he was in a gang and that he had done terrible things in his life [murder, robberies, etc.]. He told me that he was a changed person, but he says he still smokes marijuana and I don’t know if he is truthful or not. But I don’t want to leave because I feel like he does love me and that he may change? That didn’t matter to me; all that mattered to me was who he was. I accepted his request to date around the beginning of February 2011. There was one time while we were dating that he told me he had beat a guy with a baseball bat. There was another time he forced me into a room and started kissing on me. That was when I left him. I told him that if you loved me you would stop, and he did. It scared when he did that. I didn’t know what he would have done if I didn’t say anything. He hugged me from behind and asked me not to leave. I left anyway. When I turned to look at him, it was a look I had never seen before. I couldn’t tell if it was hurt, pain, anger, etc. I felt so weird. I ended the relationship because I was worried about the gang situation, and what it could do to us in the future if anything at all. After I broke up with him in April it hurt so badly, because everything in the relationship was great except for the gang stuff.

I started dating Drew in June of 2011, but no matter what this guy did I couldn’t get Bryan off my mind. I was trying my best to forget about him. I was making progress when all of a sudden out of the blue he would text me again and the feelings would come out.. The relationship with me and Drew didn’t last because all he wanted me for was sex. I ended the relationship around the end of September or the Beginning of October. I may have been wrong for not giving myself time to heal completely from the first relationship, before jumping in another one.

He was still on my mind. (Bryan) But as I spent time with others and began focusing on me and having to deal with other things I would start to get over him a great deal. I started dating another guy Robby in December of 2011. I forgot completely about him at one point [Bryan]. Then around Christmas he text me back. (Bryan) His ex-girlfriend warned me that he wasn’t worth the pain I was going through thinking about him and stuff. I didn’t even know her. When he text back I didn’t have feelings for him at first. I knew I was over him for good. But after talking to him again they came back as strong as ever. I broke up with Robby because he seemed to only want me for sex too. Bryan helped me to see that. But now that I am single again he doesn’t seem to be talking to me as much as he did when I was in the relationship. He told me that he was enjoying being single, but he text me back first. I know he just broke up with his (Bryan) girlfriend in December, but he text me after Christmas and he text me ba


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  • I can't finish reading. He may have killed and you wonder if you should stay? get out now.


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  • I only read up until the part that said he committed murder. You should go really really fast! Find someone who hasn't committed horrible crimes instead.