Why won't he text me?

So I met this guy and we have been talking for a few months now, the other day he texted me and we had a great convo that lasted up to ten hours. Now all of a sudden he hasn't texted me since, but yet he's liked all my status' on fb and commented on a few but yet he won't text me, ummm.what's the deal I don't think I did or said anything wrong to him, help I'm confused here


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  • Have you texted him yet? He doesn't have to text you first all the time, why don't you text him? Also, when was the last time y'all texted, how many days? You may be making mountain out of molehills.

    • Nope haven't texted him yet because I don't want to be that girl who bugs him and all that, its been like three days since we texted but yet since then he's liked and commented on everyone of my fb stats and pics, but no texts.

    • "I don't want to be that girl who bugs him" It has been 3 days, just text him. Ha, he won't mind, I swear. Especially if he is commenting on all your crap. He just wants you to text him first. Be a confident woman and make the first move.

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