Girls, I wanna know your thoughts before you text or call the person you like?

So I'm wondering what are your thoughts or feelings before you communicate with someone you like? You know sometimes you over think what are you gonna say or if he's gonna reply back or take your call & that kind of thoughts get you scared or nervous. & do you put a lot of thoughts into the words (text) that you are going to send?

& Another Question: When you are starting to get to know someone do you somehow avoid talking about your feelings & stuff because you wanna be sure that he is the right or good guy?


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  • There are a lot of things that play a part in how we go about this:

    1) The reason we are calling - Whether we are calling to give good news, bad news, just to have a conversation, or even just to say hi, we pretty much have a plan for what we want to say, especially because we are the ones initiating the call. It's easier to hear the ringing sound when you already know what you're going to say...even if you are freakishly nervous. But, knowing why we call also gives us a better idea of how long we want to stay on the phone with them, (how long determines how casual or how intimate we want to be, if that makes sense).

    2) What type of guy he is- Knowing the type of guy he is, gives us an insight on what is cool or not cool to say around him, or what may or may not spark his interest. If we know he is shy, we know to try to take things a little slow with conversation if we want to get to know him. If he's outgoing than we know that we can bring up our interests and freely ask him certain things to get to know him.

    3) How well we know him- This kind of plays into the previous point just a bit. If a guy knows us pretty well, and vice versa, it's slightly easier talking to him while having feelings for him because there is that level of comfort that has already been established. However if we don't know him very well, we might not even be all that comfortable with even making the first move of calling yet. Once we start getting comfortable with a guy, even if it's been a short while, we will start initiating calls a bit more often. SPEAKING OF THAT the number of initiated calls plays a huge part in our thoughts. If we like you enough, we know how to balance the time we talk to you with our own daily lives, we don't want to risk being clingy.

    Overall, I can definitely speak for myself when I say that if I like a guy a lot I get pretty nervous while calling him, especially if we haven't spoken in a while. That nervousness is kind of a good thing, because it let's me know that I actually have a thing for him, and he excites me. If I don't get that feeling when I'm calling someone else, I now that it's because either we've been together for a long time (and that's not a bad thing either) or it could be something that's not so great, meaning that I feel he's predictable and that our conversation when I call him, is just going to be the same old thing.

    Hope this helped!


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