I sent 4 messages to a guy! I don't like the fact that I did this.....

I sent 4 messages to a guy! I really didn't like that I did that & I feel very stupid for doing that. The 4th message was to apologize for sending so many messages. He hasn't answered though, should I be worried? If a girl did this to you, would this be a turnoff?

By the way, this is probably the 2nd time I've done this...


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  • You did it, it's in the past, no use worrying over it. And don't feel stupid, you were just eager to talk to him, where's the harm in that. Just take it easy from here on out, let him contact you, and you'll be fine.

    • Thanks but it's up to 7 now. I feel like crying because I feel like I'm being needy & this is the first time that I've done this

    • Like I said, no worries. It's good that you realize it's potentially showing you as needy, now all you need to do is act on this by not sending more messages.

      If this guy hasn't answered, you need to take that as a hint for whatever the case may be, whether he doesn't want to talk, his phone is completely dead, etc. But just like you wouldn't want friends or family consistently bugging you if they don't hear from you, give him space too.

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