I never know if a girl is really interested in me?

First of all I never know if a girl is really interested in me. All the signs that they say a girl likes me I rarely have any of them show to me. A lot of the times if a girl is talking to me or doing something, it can easily be passed off as she is being nice. Another thing if a girl is flirting with me I don't really know.

One example: This one time I might have noticed is when this girl came up to me, and when she did she ran her hand through my hair, but again I passed it off as her being nice. there were times throughout another class when we went on trips she would put her head on my shoulder. One main reason I pass these off as being nice, is because she is always talking with another dude. And I once overheard her mention that she had a boyfriend, so I just dismissed it even though I find her attractive. I have a class with her now, but she is mainly talking with this other dude.

Another thing is when I finally ask a girl out on a date, after the first or second date, it is like thy become flaky. So I just pass this off as she lost interest, which I don't know why. I just cough it up to me not breaking the touch barrier or trying to make a move sexually, or the fact that I may be boring since I don't go out much. Even though I do have some interests such as being a musician, into computers, cars.

So it comes down to it what do I need to understand with girls in order to get a girlfriend? This is because I am tired of being single and watching all my friends with their girlfriends and fiancee, or wives? it is depressing since I can't even get past the third date and get my first girlfriend, kiss and possibly losing virginity. Before it was by choice now it is due to lack of opportunity, skill and no how.

P.S. When it comes to approaching random girls I can never do it, because I don't have an idea of what to say to even break the ice and keep a conversation going. Especially with a random girl that I find very attractive, without being and idiot and staying out of the friend zone.


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  • First of all, just know that nothing is wrong with you, okay? And secondly, girls are the most confusing thing ever. Even when you think they might be passing off as "nice" that could be signs or flirting. So don't sit back, jump out there. Take a risk, take a chance, I believe in you. You got this.


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