Why does my boyfriend always text short replies when I text him first?

99.99% of the time, he texts me first. But on the rare occasions where I'm like, *shrug* might as well text him first, he always seems disinterested in the conversation.

Just another reason I wait for him to text me first, although I don't understand why this happens.


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  • Perhaps you text him while he's busy? Have you thought of that? Step back for a minute and think about his behavior. If he sends you longer messages when he texts first, it means that you have his full attention. If he's watching tv, reading his homework, hanging out with his friends, etc, it means that you are probably distracting him. I wouldn't read too much into it, as he seems to be texting you first most of the time anyways. Relax and wait for prince charming to text you would be my advice. :)


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