Guys: How do you like your French kisses??

please give detail if you can. I want to french my boyfriend for the first time and I'm not sure what he would like. we have tried french kissing before but we always get interrupted.

  • Alot of tounge
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  • Or About half and half
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  • Very little
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  • Not sure what your definition of a lot, half and half, or very little are.

    What I've experienced is it works best when it's a give and take process. Kissing is terrible when only one of you is actively trying. maybe it's good for the other person if you do it but if they do nothing it's bad for you. So if you want more tongue, give them some more then draw back and hope they get the hint in the moment. if they feel like they're trying to push you back, give a little less. and don't me afraid to bite their lip. lightly of course, don't chew they lips off.

    if all else fails, just tell them you want more or less

  • I'd say probably half and half, to very little. I mean yer not trying to gag your partner with your tongue. But, as with everything else, everyone has their preferences.


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