What do you think of a girl who accepts sleeping with you after a first date?

Yesterday evening I had a first date with this guy. We went out and spent 5 hours together. There were almost no silences as he started talking about something when there was a little silence coming up. He told me he was really at ease with me, etc. We had a great time.

At the end he walked me home and I gave him a kiss on the cheek to say goodbye; he told me "hey you only gave me half a kiss", after that he kissed me on the lips. He stayed a while at the door kissing and talking to me to see if I´d let him in - it was really obvious - but I never do that with a boy I just met. So we said goodbye.

Today he sent me a message, asking me how my day was going, he went to visit his parents and texted me telling he was on his way on the bus, asked me how I was, and ended with a kiss.

What does a guy think when a girl ignores his interest in letting him in after a date? For me it is normal to not do that after a first date, even not after a few dates... but probably there are girls who do this right?

I think it is not done after knowing each other for so little time. On top of that I think you give him the impression that you are easy and would do this with every other guy you had a first date with; A man has to chase a little until he gets what he wants... if you serve it to him on a silver plate he will probably loose interest.

Is this correct? What do you think?


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  • I think you're right. I'd see a girl as too cheap if she gave me sex too easily; it would make me wonder how many other guys she slept around with... and this can be an unsettling thought (particularly for a guy, in a male-chauvinist world!)

    Today, the standard seems to be: sleep around after a few times out together. Not many decades ago, some people (not all) believed in having sex after marriage... Of course, there were unfortunately different standards for a guy and a girl.


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  • You're right.

  • You did the right thing. And 5 Hours for a first date? Damn

  • Sleeping with strangers leads to all kinds of problems. Most of all, that you're investing emotionally in someone you don't know much about. I don't think it has that much to do with making a guy grovel to get laid, though. Sex isn't a gift that females give to males ... it is something that we share, but you've gotta know if its a good idea to share it ... which takes time.

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