Prom night and body language. Why didn't he kiss me?

My date and I had a great night - we danced, we talked we laughed etc. During the event one of our guy friends asked me for a kiss on the cheek in exchange for his d***y bow but I brushed him off. My date said that ''he hoped I was saving my kisses for him''.. On the way to the bus and on the bus he had his hand around me on my waist. at the after party he got me drinks and sat with has hand on my waist again

but he never did kiss me. Did he just do these things purely because I was his ''date'' and he felt he had to or? baring in my that the guy is not necessarily shy with the opposite gender.


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  • What's a d***y bow? I don't get that part at all.

    I'd say him putting his hands on your waist is a good sign. Waist touching is pretty sexual to me. Aside from that I'm with you on where to go now.

    He's either unsure of how you'd respond, not completely comfy yet. Or he's not that into you, and is calm around the ladies.

    Only one way to find out... go on a date with him again if you want. See what happens. Stop trying to tell the future. Trial and error is the way to go.

    • link lol! :)

    • I would have guessed it would be something inappropriate or dirty since it was censored. Good call not taking him up on it. I don't think anyone likes a partner who splits their attention between them and their buddy.

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