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What was your first kiss like, and how did you feel...p.s. what happened afterwards! (Details...How old were you, did you like it, did you like the girl/boy, and what would your perfect fisrt kiss be)

I'm only twelve, I really like this guy, so I'm trying to figure out what to do to get him t onotice me, we have been friends for about a year though, I mea nI would love to be his girlfriend, I know it wouldn't count, but I'm so tired of ridin' solo! BTW my bff for life likes him too, and I like the guy she she likes (two different guys two girls...we both really like both of them I don't know what to do I don't wanna hurt my friend, but I don't wanna hurt either of the guys!)


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  • I was about 11 and it was in gym class in middle school. We had to sit on the bleachers and two of my guy friends were joking around and one said he wanted to kiss me so I told him if he kissed the other guy I'll kiss him... he did. So I had to kiss him. It was far from perfect, I didn't like it because I didn't like him lol.


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  • We were in 7th grade, and we had liked each other for 6 months before he finally asked me out, and finally, over a month in our relationship, it was a Sunday and we were just walking around the neighborhood and went to the park. Just kind of hanging out, talking. And I had to walk back home so he just kissed me :) it was really perfect because it was the first kiss of many. We're still together :)

  • If this counts: We were 9 years old, hiding from his younger brother in his room and he just leaned right in really fast and kissed me. Wasn't unpleasant, but no fireworks either because I didn't even have any interest in that kind of thing at that age :P

    My first REA kiss was by the same guy five years later XD Then we dated for two years. Didn't end well, but that's puppy love for you.

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