Guys: what reasons would there be for not texting your girlfriend for three days?

My boyfriend hasn't texted me for three days... but I know he hasn't been uber busy or anything because he's been on Facebook and such... we had a minor argument beforehand but (at least I thought) it was no big deal. Why hasn't he texted me? Should I be worried?


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  • He could be annoyed about the minor argument, but boys usually get over things like that pretty fast. Have you seen him in person during the last 3 days?

    • No... we don't get to see each other often because of busy schedules.

  • Define "boyfriend", hence how long have you been dating? Have you tried to contact him? I am personally on FB all the time, this weekend I have a huge assignment to work on but I am still constantly on FB, I am not really looking at peoples profiles, or IMing but I am still logged in. Thus logged into FB does not necessarily mean not busy.

    • dating for two months.

      i tried to contact him Friday and we had a very brief conversation before he was like, "gtg ttyl".

      while you're on fb all the time, he's not. he only gets on when he wants to chat with people.

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