Is he talking to me and?

someone else at the same time. The conversation went like this...

Him: I miss you wyd

Me: Nothing u

Him: same here laying down waiting for you

Me: How

Him: :) I wish babe

Me: What are you even talking about

Him: I said I'm here waiting for you babe

After that I didn't answer because I feel like he's talking to someone else, what do you think?


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  • lmfao ha ha caught in the act


What Girls Said 1

  • This sounds just like this guy I am partially talking to you.. He says the same exact thing.. Why would you think he is talking to someone else it is a figure of speech to say babe.. he was just joking around and hoping you would play along. I wouldn't be worried unless he calls you another girls name. Like that jerk did to me. And what if he is talking to another girl, are you guys a couple?

    • He's my boyfriend & the part I'm confused about is why he texted the smiley face & said I wish. It didn't make sense & that's why I feel he's talking to someone else.