Why do I always have to initiate texting?

I always have to text him first. We have been "seeing" each other for almost 3 years. He says he cares about me and when I tell him I need him to step up and call or text once in a while he says he will and does for a week or so then stops. He always answers me right away but I am starting to wonder if he really cares or not. If I go a while and not text him and we end up seeing each other somewhere he will say haven't you gotten my txt? But I don't think he actually text I get everyone Else's txt. Any advice...

Btw he used to text me at least 5 times a week without me text him first


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  • Actually

    You Don't HAVE TO

    • lol true. And in all honesty I am thinking about just letting "us" fade away the only problem is we will still see each other due to mutual friends and I am a sucker for him when he sucks up lol

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    • probably good advice ty

    • u have done you're part

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  • You have been together for 3 years. Switch it up. Texting is not the only form of communication. Call or send something cool link

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