Can a girl make herself seem desperate if she comes back to a guy first?

if a guy tells you he's gonna call you when he's ready to talk but you felt like you have waited enough because you really woudl like for things to get better before the worse comes in would you call him or text him if you really missed him but at the same time doesn't want yourself to seem desparate? are there any ways to not make yourself seem desparate?


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  • Sorry, but your grammar and run-on sentences make this question hard to follow. Furthermore, the lack of information provided makes it hard to give you proper advice, so that might be why nobody's answered. yet. I'm gonna give this a shot though, but I'm gonna have to shotgun this, and try to hit all points. Anyway, here I go.

    If this guy was your boyfriend, then I would assume he's breaking up with you. If that's the case, I don't think that calling him will make you seem desperate, but I seriously don't think calling him is going to help much. I don't think much of anything will, in some situations.

    If this is because of a fight and he's mad at you, then the reason he stopped talking to you could be very important. For example if you did something wrong. In that case, you could try calling and apologizing. Though if it's for something like, say, you cheat on him? Just forget it. It's never gonna work out, no matter what you did. Sorry, but that's just how it is.

    But say this guy isn't a boyfriend. Say he's just a guy you wanted to hook up with, and he said he'll call you, but he hasn't. Well then I'd assume he's not going to call. To him you might look desperate. In this case, just forget about him. He's clearly an ass, and not worth your trouble, so find someone else who is better than him. Someone who gives a fuck. No matter what you do you're going to look desperate.

    Now assuming I didn't hit the mark here, and none of these are what happened, then I would suggest you try telling me what happened. Try telling me the whole situation so I can give you the proper advice. And also, not trying to be a jerk, but please, try using commas and periods and the occasional capitalization, and I'll have an easier time understanding you. Because, I do want to help.


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