I like him but he was rude to my friend. What do you think?

I started texting this guy through a friend and we Haven't actually met yet...but I think I like him and he might like me, least I don't see any hits that he doesn't and we both really want to hangout sometime soon

but then my friend...he had asked her to his prom (just as friends) and then a few days later un-invited her saying he wants to take someone else (we go to different schools by the way me and my friend go to an all girls and he goes to public) so my friend called me today to tell me all this...i didn't bring it up to him while we were texting but it made me question about liking him and if he really is everything that he puts on? What do you think? What should I do...guys and girls opinions are appreciated thanks in advance!


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  • Well, there's a good chance that he asked multiple people out to the prom, not thinking that two or more girls would respond back yes. While it no doubt a disappointment when another person gets to go, I don't think it is reason enough to scorn him. For all he knows, both girls could have rejected him. Keep talking to him, enjoy the time you might spend together and just keep your eyes and ears open. Enjoy the moment without overthinking too much, unles a really big red flag pops up. So far, so good.

    • okay thanks...yeah I didn't think of that, so I'll just keep talking to him and keep my eyes open, I just don't know if I'll be able to meet him now etc :/

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    • yeah sounds good thanks :) I don't want to rush things anyways, just have been talking to him for almost more than 2 months now and we haven't met

    • Try to find an excuse to meet when it is convenient for the both of you. In the mean time, enjoy taking to him and getting to know him better. If he seems like a boy for you, you can slowly nudge your way into his life.

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